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Postdoctoral Research Associate Salinity Leaching

16.03.2016 - University of Califorina at Riverside, USA

We seek a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join a team of scientists from University of California at Riverside and county-based Advisors from University of California Cooperative Extension studying salinity leaching in irrigated croplands.

The overall objective is to develop optimal water management practices to maximize salinity leaching with least amount of leaching water, and minimize nitrate groundwater pollution in irrigated cropland based on soil and crop characteristics, irrigation water quality and fertilization practices. The Postdoctoral Research Associate is expected to conduct (1) computer simulation (HYDRUS) to identify best irrigation management practices (BMPs) to maximize soil salinity leaching and to minimize nitrate leaching to groundwater by considering soil, water, crop N demand and fertilization, and irrigation methods; and (2) soil and water sampling and analyses to verify the BMPs identified from modeling at three field sites in California. Applicants must have a PhD in soil science, hydrology or related fields. For further information please contact Dr. Laosheng Wu ( or Dr. Jirka Simunek (