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Estimating a Global Water Budget through Integration of Multi Water Cycle Models with GRACE and Soil Moisture Satellite Observations

NERC-funded PhD in Earth Sciences: Changing Planet (PhD Studentship)

14.10.2016 - Cardiff University, UK

The NERC Great Western Four+ Doctoral Training Partnership (GW4+ DTP) provides 37 PhD studentships annually and seeks to train tomorrow’s leaders in earth and environmental sciences. It engages a broad spectrum of academic and non-academic partners to create an innovative training programme that responds to current and future needs in earth and environmental sciences.

Contemporary global hydrological (or land surface) models provide conflicting estimates of hydrologic variables such as mean annual evapotranspiration or low, mean, and high flows in river basins, resulting in strongly differing estimates of current water availability or climate change impact on freshwater resources globally. This is a result of many factors including errors in the forcing data, parameterisation of these models and their calibration, and missing observations to constrain mass balance estimates (Wagener and Gupta, 2005). The central objective of this project is to revisit the estimates of continental water fluxes (e.g., river discharge and groundwater recharge) and storage compartments (e.g., in soil, groundwater, and surface water bodies). ...

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