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ABC/J Support Programmes

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ABC/J Seed Funding

We provide funding for the initiation, filing of a prelimenary proposal, and establishment of multilocational research projects.

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ABC/J Young Academics Award

We honour early-career scientists for outstanding interdisciplinary research. First prize is endowed with € 1,000 in prize money.

More about ABC/J Young Academics Award: ABC/J Young Academics Award …
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ABC/J Excursion

We award 20 scholarships for participation in our excursion, which is open to students and doctoral researchers, taking them to exciting regions of the Earth.

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No fees for students of partner universities

Students can enrol in modules at all of the affiliated courses of the the ABC/J partner universities at no additional costs.

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ABC/J Summer Schools

ABC/J members can take part free of charge or for a reduced fee at ABC/J summer schools.

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ABC/J Sponsoring

We support scientific conferences and workshops, and also supply equipment.

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