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PASCAL - Making turns in Accra
On Monday 26th November, the "Pan-African Soil Challenge" (PASCAL) project has started in Accra (Ghana). Marcel Bülow and Erhard Zeiss of the Jülich corporate communication team give insight into what is going on during this special week.
More: PASCAL - Making turns in Accra …


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Blog: A Bridge to Africa

In autumn 2018 young scientists from Africa met geoscientists from Geoverbund ABC/J in Accra, to get in contact with the latest methods of modeling and simulation with supercomputers. The vision: Soil Research can support a secure and sustainable food production for Africa – and a week together could be the first step. This project diary reports regularly how the bridge building advances. More: Blog: A Bridge to Africa …

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High-Performance Scientific Computing

Research accompanied by the Centre for High-Performance Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems includes questions regarding modelling of water-, energy- and turn-over-cycles throughout ground water systems, the land surface and the atmosphere. Furthermore it deals with the fusion of monitoring models due to data assimilation and inversion methods. More: High-Performance Scientific Computing …

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Towards an International Geoscience Network

The Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment & Society (SAGES) is a multidisciplinary network and pools expertise in geoscience and environmental science from across Scotland’s research base. In 2016 SAGES and Geoverbund ABC/J formed a partnership to work together on bilateral research projects, post graduate education and staff exchange. More: Towards an International Geoscience Network …

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Studying within Geoverbund ABC/J

The diversity and complementarity of the range of courses provided under the umbrella of Geoverbund ABC/J offers many opportunities for the students´ individual profile formation. The students in the ABC/J region also benefit from reduced administrative barriers and are enabled to switch between the cooperating institutes without being charged additional study fees. More: Studying within Geoverbund ABC/J …

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Catchment tomography - An approach for spatial parameter estimation

In this newly published paper of Baatz, D. et al. a tomographic approach for estimating a distributed Manning's roughness coefficient is proposed. Follow the link to read more about "catchment tomography" and other current ABC/J Publications. More: Catchment tomography - An approach for spatial parameter estimation …

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ABC/J Support Programmes

Seed Funding for multilocational research projects, ABC/J Young Academics Award for outstanding interdisciplinary research, student scholarships for participation in our ABC/J Excursion or ABC/J Summer Schools, no additional costs for students enroling in modules at all of the affiliated courses of the ABC/J partner universities. The support programmes of Geoverbund ABC/J are diverse. More about ABC/J Support Programmes: ABC/J Support Programmes …

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Something to pass on?!

Do you have any news that you would like to promote in the ABC/J region or an open position to be filled as soon as possible? We support you in the distribution of your announcements via the information channels of Geoverbund ABC/J. All you have to do: Write us! More: Something to pass on?! …

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Picture gallery of the 2018 ABC/J summer festival

The last ABC/J summer festival took place on 29 June 2018 at Forschungszentrum Jülich. In addition to the presentation of the young academics award, the keynote lecture by Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich, "our candidate" for a flight to the ISS, was another highlight of the event. But of course the festival is always a great opportunity to get to know each other better. More: Picture gallery of the 2018 ABC/J summer festival …