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Nitrogen Pollution & Management Strategies

"International Comparison of Nitrogen Pollution of Water Resources & Management Strategies" is the title of the 1st ABC/J Expert Talk, which will take place on 29 and 30 November 2017 in Cologne. At the ABC/J Expert Talk, national and international experts will present examples of the current situation with respect to nitrogen pollution in Germany, selected EU Member States, and California and management strategies. Registration is now open! More: Nitrogen Pollution & Management Strategies …

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High-Performance Scientific Computing

Research accompanied by the Centre for High-Performance Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems includes questions regarding modelling of water-, energy- and turn-over-cycles throughout ground water systems, the land surface and the atmosphere. Furthermore it deals with the fusion of monitoring models due to data assimilation and inversion methods. More: High-Performance Scientific Computing …

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ABC/J Excursion to Oman 2018

Geoverbund ABC/J is packing you off to the desert! It's doing so because of the positive feedback from those who went on the excursion in the previous two years and because of the huge demand for places the third time around. The excursion is of an interdisciplinary nature and is aimed at students of the geosciences and geography who are completing a bachelor's or master's course or who are pursuing a doctorate. Each excursion place benefits from a € 500 subsidy from Geoverbund ABC/J. More: ABC/J Excursion to Oman 2018 …

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An Alliance for Global Challenges

Geoverbund ABC/J represents the entire range of advanced geosciences within the Aachen-Bonn-Cologne/Jülich research area. This network is unique for the whole region of North-Rhine-Westphalia and pools and connects the expertise of the four member facilities in an even more efficient way. More: An Alliance for Global Challenges …