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Postdoctoral fellowship: Improving feed efficiency in dairy cows

22.03.2017 - UMR1313 Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative, INRA (France)

The postdoctoral fellow will join an interdiscisciplinary project (funded by ANR and APIS-GENE) called Deffilait with the title “Improving feed efficiency in dairy cows: understanding its key determinants using precision phenotyping, to allow tailored genetic selection strategies according to environment.” To study the major determinants of feed efficiency, the project will build an original database of dairy cow lactations with a large set of phenotypes to describe the main sources of energy transformation, thus explaining the observed between-animal variability in feed efficiency.

The main mission of the postdoc will be to develop the statistical and mathematical tools for the analysis of the multivariate time-series data describing trajectories of performance and body reserves through lactation, combine these with genotypic and phenotypic information relating to health, reproductive success and productive longevity, and to integrate them into a modelling framework that will help identify the genetic drivers of long-term feed efficiency.

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