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ABC/J Excursion 2019. Apply now!

Sultanate of Oman. A Changing Desert.

Apply now for one of a total of 20 ABC/J scholarships of 500 Euro for the Oman Excursion! Application deadline is 31 October 2018. The interdisciplinary excursion will focus on geoscientific and geographical topics (e.g. cultural development, archaeology, climate change, agriculture, coasts, deserts, oases, flora & fauna, geology).

© Daniel Felten/Geoverbund ABC/JGeoverbund ABC/J is packing you off to the desert! / Der Geoverbund schickt Dich in die Wüste!
Copyright: Daniel Felten/Geoverbund ABC/J

The excursion is aimed at students of the geosciences and geography who are completing a bachelor's or master's course or who are pursuing a doctorate.

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