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© Prof. Dr. Boris Braun

Braun, Boris

Prof. Dr., Department of Geosciences, Institute of Geography, University of Cologne


University of Cologne
Institute of Geography
50923 Köln


Fon: +49 221 470 4141

Research topics

  • Environmental Economic Geography: Environmental management approaches, transition studies, green building
  • Urban and Regional Development: Urban studies, surveys, metropolitan and urban planning
  • Globalisation and Value Chains: Environmental aspects of global value chains
  • Natural Hazards: Urban flooding, socio-economic hazard research, social capital studies, migration in delta areas
  • Environmental Change and Perception of Nature: Social aspects of river restauration and nature protection

Resources and technologies

  • Quantitative field surveys methodologies (companies, households, individuals): Realization, statistical analysis, questionnaire surveys, statistical modelling
  • Qualitative surveys: Realization, field methods, content analysis


  • Fastenrath, S. and Braun, B. (2016): Sustainability transition pathways in the building sector: Energy-efficient building in Freiburg (Germany). Applied Geography
  • Braun, B. and Sonnenburg, F. (2016): Australia’s geography of joblessness: Local job deficits and public policy in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In: Adair, G. & A. Schwarz, eds., Postcolonial Justice in Australia. Reassessing the ‘Fair Go’. KOALAS 12, Trier: WVT, 109-125.
  • Dannenberg, P., Braun, B. and Kulke, E. (2016): The paradox of formalization and Informalization in South-North value chains. Die Erde 147 (3), 173-186.
  • Bernzen, A. and Braun, B. (2014): Conventions in cross-border trade coordination: the case of organic food imports to Germany and Australia. Environment and Planning A 46, 1244-1262.
  • Braun, B. and Aßheuer, T. (2011): Floods in megacity environments: vulnerability and coping strategies of slum dwellers in Dhaka/Bangladesh. Natural Hazards 58 (2), 771-787.