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© PD Dr. Wolfgang Britz

Britz, Wolfgang

PD Dr., Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR), University Bonn


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institute for Food and Ressource Economics
Meckenheimer Allee 174
53115 Bonn


Fon: +49 228 73 2891

Research topics

  • Policy Impact Assessment: Impacts of agricultural, environmental and trade policies on the agricultural sector, the environment and rural areas based on quantitative analysis with different types of economic simulation models (1-3)
  • Bio-Economic Modelling from farm to global Scale
  • Agent Based Modelling

Resources and technologies

  • Mixed Integer Dynamic Stochastic Programming
  • Global Computable General Equibilibrium Modelling
  • Meta-Modelling and Sequential Calibration to link economic models across scales
  • Geo-Referenced Agent Based Modelling


  • Pelikan, J., Britz, W., Hertel, T. W. (2015): Green Light for Green Agricultural Policies? An Analysis at Regional and Global Scales , Journal of Agricultural Economics 66(1):1-19
  • Lengers, B., Britz, W., Holm-Müller, K. (2014): What drives marginal abatement costs of greenhouse gases on dairy farms? A meta-modelling approach , Journal of Agricultural Economics 65(3):579-599
  • Britz, W., Ferris, M., Kuhn, A. (2013): Modeling water allocating institutions based on Multiple Optimization Problems with Equilibrium Constraints , Environmental Modelling & Software 46:196-207
  • Britz, W., Delzeit, R. (2013): The impact of German biogas production on European and global agricultural markets, land use and the environment , Energy Policy 62:1268-127
  • Leip, A., Marchi, G., Koeble, R., Kempen, Britz W. and Li, C. (2008): Linking an economic model for European agriculture with a mechanistic model to estimate nitrogen losses from cropland soil in Europe, Biogeosciences
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