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© Prof. Dr. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith

Fromhold-Eisebith, Martina

Prof. Dr., Institute of Geography, RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Geography
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen


Fon: +49 241 80 93640

Research topics

  • Economic Geography: Spatial patterns and processes of human economic activities
  • Innovation oriented regional development: Interdependencies of technology innovation and regional dynamics
  • Social dynamics of innovation networks: How social aspects and networking shape innovation led developments
  • Globalization and regional development: How economic globalization interfers with regional development
  • Environmental Economic Geography: Assessing interdependencies of environmental innovations or measures and spatial development

Resources and technologies

  • Geographical statistical analyses: Researching and interpreting statistical data on various territorial units
  • Empirical social research: Survey and expert interview techniques
  • Social network analysis: Quantitative and qualitative approaches towards assessing actor networks


  • Dewald, U. and Fromhold-Eisebith, M. (2015): Trajectories of sustainability transitions in scale-transcending innovation systems: The case of photovoltaics. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions (advanced access: doi:10.1016/j.eist.2014.12.004)
  • Fromhold-Eisebith, M. and Werker, C. (2013): Universities’ functions in knowledge transfer: a geographical perspective. In: The Annals of Regional Science, 51(3), 621-643
  • Fromhold-Eisebith, M. (2007): Bridging Scales in Innovation Policies: How to Link Regional, National and International Innovation Systems. In: European Planning Studies, 15(2), 217-233
  • Fromhold-Eisebith, M. and Eisebith, G. (2005): How to institutionalize innovative clusters? Comparing explicit top-down and implicit bottom-up approaches. In: Research Policy, 34 (8), 1250-1268
  • Fromhold-Eisebith, M. (2001): Technologieregionen in Asiens Newly Industrialized Countries. Strukturen und Beziehungssysteme am Beispiel von Bangalore, Indien, und Bandung, Indonesien. Reihe 'Wirtschaftsgeographie', Bd. 18. LIT-Verlag: Münster u. Hamburg
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