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Graf, Alexander

Dr., Institute of Bio- and Geosciences IBG-3 Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Jülich


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institute of Bio- and Geosciences
IBG-3 Agrosphere
52428 Jülich


Fon: +49 2461 61 8676

Research topics

  • Land surface-atmosphere exchange: greenhouse gases, energy budget, hydrology
  • Micrometeorology: basic research, energy budget
  • Local climatology: for Urban climate studies, agricultural meteorology studies
  • Global change: with focus on biosphere (including soil) feedbacks
  • Hydrology: foci on agricultural water resources and catchment hydrology

Resources and technologies

  • Eddy-Covariance technique (hard- and software): for net surface-atmosphere exchange, basic research
  • Chamber techniques: for net surface-atmosphere exchange and soil efflux, mostly of CO2
  • Micro-lysimeters: past study on dewfall and soil evaporation
  • General climate measurents, air quality measurements: ancillary data retrieval, past studies on urban climate and air quality
  • Computational statistics (e.g. EOF analysis, wavelet analysis): data analysis, spatial pattern description, gap-filling


  • Graf A, Bogena HR, Drüe C, Hardelauf H, Pütz T, Heinemann G, Vereecken H (2014): Spatiotemporal relations between water budget components and soil water content in a forested tributary catchment. Water Resources Research 50:4837-4857
  • Graf A, van de Boer A, Moene A, Vereecken H (2014): Intercomparison of methods for the simultaneous estimation of zero-plane displacement and aerodynamic roughness length from single-level eddy-covariance data. Boundary-Layer Meteorology 151:373-387
  • Graf A, Werner J, Langensiepen M, van de Boer A, Schmidt M, Kupisch M, Vereecken H (2013): Validation of a minimum microclimate disturbance chamber for net ecosystem flux measurements. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 174-175:1-14
  • Graf A, Weihermüller L, Huisman JA, Herbst M, Bauer J, Vereecken H (2008): Measurement depth effects on the apparent temperature sensitivity of soil respiration in field studies. Biogeosciences 5:1175-1188
  • Graf A, Kuttler W, Werner J (2008): Mulching as a means of exploiting dew for arid agriculture? Atmospheric Research 87:369-376
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