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© Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Herbig

Herbig, Hans-Georg

Prof. Dr., Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, University of Cologne


University of Cologne
Institute of Geology and Mineralogy
50923 Köln


Fon: +49 221 470 2533

Research topics

  • Carbonate sedimentology and carbonate facies: microfacies analysis of platforms including buildups, of slopes and basins
  • Invertebrate palaeontology: fossils in carbonate thin-sections, microfossils from carbonate rocks
  • Historical and regional geology: Europe and Northern Africa
  • Carboniferous
  • Morocco: Geological patterns of Carboniferous & Late Cretaceous-Paleogene

Resources and technologies

  • Usage of large carbonate thin-sections (up to 10x15 cm)
  • Acid digestion of carbonate rocks: usage for conodonts, agglutinated foraminifers
  • Microscopy (light-optical, SEM)
  • Field work


  • Nyhuis, C.R., Amler, M.R.W., and Herbig, H.-G. (2015): Facies and palaeoecology of the late Viséan Actinopteria Black Shale Event in the Rhenish Mountains (Germany, Mississippian). – Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss., 166, 55-69
  • Herbig, H.-G., Lobova, D., and Seekamp, V. (2014): Sea-Level History During the Birth of a Foreland Basin: The Famennian–Visean of ‘‘Velbert 4’’, Westernmost Rhenish Massif, Germany. – In: ROCHA, R., PAIS, J., KULLBERG, J.C. & FINNEY, S. (Eds.), STRATI 2013, First International Congress on Stratigraphy. At the Cutting Edge of Stratigraphy, 397-402, Heidelberg-New York (Springer)
  • Herbig, H.-G., and Aretz, M. (2013): The Mississippian of the Jerada Massif (NE Morocco). – In: El Hassani, A., Becker, T. & Tahiri, A. (Eds.), International Field Symposium “The Devonian and Lower Carboniferous of northern Gondwana”, Documents de l’Institut Scientifique, Rabat, 26: 55-59
  • Aretz, M., Herbig, H.-G., Somerville, I.D., and Cózar, P. (2010): Rugose coral biostromes in the late Viséan (Mississippian) of NW Ireland: bioevents on an extensive carbonate platform. – Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., 292 (3-4), 488-506
  • Herbig, H.-G., and Trappe, J. (1994): Stratigraphy of the Subatlas Group (Maestrichtian - Middle Eocene, Morocco). - Newsl. Stratigr., 30, 125-165
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