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© PD Dr. habil. Andreas Hofzumahaus

Hofzumahaus, Andreas

PD Dr., Institute of Energy and Climate Research IEK-8 Troposphere, Forschungszentrum Jülich


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institute of Energy and Climate Research
IEK-8 Tropospehre
52428 Jülich


Fon: +49 2461 61 3239

Research topics

  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Gas-Phase Radical- and Photochemistry
  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Field Measurements
  • Chemical Model Simulations

Resources and technologies

  • Laser Spectroscopy
  • Laser-Induced Fluorescence
  • Groundbased and Aircraft Measurement Instruments
  • Atmospheric Simulation Chamber
  • for each topic: Investigation of atmospheric chemistry and chemical gas-phase mechanisms of radicals; experimental studies are performed in ground-based and airborne field campaigns, in atmospheric simulation chambers, and in laboratory experiments.


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  • Fuchs, H., A. Hofzumahaus, F. Rohrer, B. Bohn, T. Brauers, H.-P. Dorn, R. Häseler, F. Holland, M. Kaminski, X. Li, K. Lu, S. Nehr, R. Tillmann, R. Wegener and A. Wahner (2013): Experimental evidence for efficient hydroxyl radical regeneration in isoprene oxidation, Nature Geoscience, 6 (12), 1023-1026, doi:10.1038/NGEO1964
  • A. Hofzumahaus, F. Rohrer, K. Lu, B. Bohn, T. Brauers, C. C. Chang, H. Fuchs, F. Holland, K. Kita, Y. Kondo, X. Li, S. Lou, M. Shao, L. Zeng, A. Wahner, Y. Zhang (2009): Amplified Trace Gas Removal in the Troposphere, Science, 324 (5935), 1702–1704
  • A. Hofzumahaus, A. Kraus, and M. Müller (1999): Solar actinic flux spectroradiometry: A technique for measuring photolysis frequencies in the atmosphere, Applied Optics 38, 4443-4460
  • A. Hofzumahaus, U. Aschmutat, M. Heßling, F. Holland, and D. H. Ehhalt (1996): The measurement of tropospheric OH radicals by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy during the POPCORN field campaign, Geophys. Res. Lett. 23, 2541-2544
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