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© Prof. Dr. Ralf Littke

Littke, Ralf

Prof. Dr., Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal, Energy & Mineral Resources Group (EMR), RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal
Energy & Mineral Resources Group (EMR)
Lochnerstrasse 4-20
52064 Aachen


Fon: +49 241 80 95748

Research topics

  • Petroleum and Environmental Organic Geochemistry
  • Coal Geology and Geochemistry
  • Petrophysics of Low Permeability Rocks
  • Sedimentary Basin Dynamics and Modelling
  • Organic Petrology

Resources and technologies

  • GC-MS
  • Microscopy Lab (Incident Light, IR)
  • Fluid Flow Experiments (Triaxial Cells)
  • Pyrolysis Experiments (Rock Eval, MSSV)
  • Petroleum System Modelling


  • Li, X., Krooss, B. M., Weniger, P., Littke, R. (2015): Liberation of molecular hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) during non-isothermal pyrolysis of shales and coals: Systematics and quantification International Journal of Coal Geology, 137, 152-164
  • Al Sandouk-Lincke, N. A., Schwarzbauer, J., Antic, V., Antic, M., Caase, J., Grünelt, S., Reßing, K., Littke, R. (2015): Off-line-pyrolysis–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analyses of drilling fluids and drill cuttings – Identification of potential environmental marker substances Organic Geochemistry, 88, 17-28
  • Bruns, B., Littke, R. (2015): Lithological dependency and anisotropy of vitrinite reflectance in high rank sedimentary rocks of the Ibbenbüren area, NW-Germany: Implications for the tectonic and thermal evolution of the Lower Saxony Basin International Journal of Coal Geology, 137, 124–135
  • Baur, F., Littke, R., Wielens, H., di Primio, R. (2012): Prediction of reservoir fluid composition using Basin and Petroleum System Modeling: A study from the Jeanne d’ Arc Basins, Eastern Canada.- AAPG Hedberg Series, no. 4, 259-292
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