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© Prof. Dr. Georg Roth

Roth, Georg

Prof. Dr., Institute of Crystallography, RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Crystallography (Aix Tal)
Templergraben 55
52056 Aachen


Fon: +49 241 80 96900

Research topics

  • Structure-property-relations in crystalline solids: Solid ionic conductors; High-Tc-Superconductors; Fullerenes and related compounds; Functional polymers; Low dimensional magnetic materials; Ferroelectrics; Multiferroics; Resistively switching transition metal compounds; Materials in nuclear safety research.
  • Crystal chemistry: Low dimensional magnetic Oxo-Vanadates-IV; RE-Monazites; Melilites
  • Crystal growth and materials synthesis: GMR-Manganates; Multiferroic pyroxenes;
  • Crystal structure analysis by x-ray and neutron diffraction: Multiferroics: LiFeGe2O6; Ba2CoGe2O7; …
  • Complex magnetic structures: Superconductors: HoNi2B2C, Fe-Pnictides; Frustrated magnets: SrTm2O4

Resources and technologies

  • Neutron diffraction from single crystals: Single crystal diffractometer "HEiDi"operated by our institute at the FRM 2 in Garching
  • Polarized neutron diffraction with 3D polarization analysis: Single crystal diffractometer "POLI"operated by our institute at the FRM 2 in Garching
  • Single crystal x-ray diffractometers (imaging plate, IPDS-1 and -2): Structure determination from diffraction data, 85 K ..800 K.
  • Powder x-ray diffraction: X-pert Pro with cryostat and furnace: 10 K .. 100 K
  • Single crystal growth: Optical furnace (up to 2000°C), Flux growth (ACRT)


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  • Li, H. F., Y. Xiao, B. Schmitz, J. Persson, W. Schmidt, P. Meuffels, G. Roth, T. Brueckel (2012): Possible magnetic-polaron-switched positive and negative magnetoresistance in the GdSi single crystals, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2 Article Number: 750
  • Ufer, K., G. Roth, R. Kleeberg, et al. (2004): Description of X-ray powder pattern of turbostratically disordered layer structures with a Rietveld compatible approach, ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE 219, 519-527
  • Soldatov, A. V., G. Roth, A. Dzyabchenko, et al. (2001): Topochemical polymerization of C70 controlled by monomer crystal packing, SCIENCE 293, 680-683
  • Wolf, T., W. Goldacker, B. Obst, G. Roth, et al. (1989): Growth of thick YBa2Cu3O7-X single crystals from Al2O3 crucibles, J. CRYSTAL GROWTH 96, 1010-1018