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© Prof. Dr. Jan Schwarzbauer

Schwarzbauer, Jan

Prof. Dr., Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal, Energy & Mineral Resources Group (EMR), RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal
Energy & Mineral Resources Group (EMR)
Lochnerstrasse 4-20
52064 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80-95750

Research topics

  • organic pollutants in surface waters and soils
  • organic geochemistry of fossil materials
  • structural clarification and identfication of organic environmental contaminants
  • environmental chemistry of organic pollutants
  • biomarker analytics


  • GC/MS
  • LC/MS
  • component-specific isotope analysis GC/irmMS
  • chemical decomposition
  • pyrolysis-GC/MS


  • Kalathoor, R., Botterweck, J., Schäffer, A., Schmidt, B., Schwarzbauer, J. (2015): First evidence for covalent linkage of acidic metabolites of metalaxyl and DDT as non-extractable pesticide residues in soil and sediment, Environ Chem Lett, 13, 431-437
  • Al Sandouk-Linke, N., Schwarzbauer, J., Antic, V., Antic, M., Caase, J., Grünelt, S., Reßing, K. (2015): Off-line-pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analyses on drilling fluids and drill cuttings - Identification of potential environmental marker substances. Org Geochem 88, 17-28
  • Dsikowitzky, L., Botalova, O., Illgut, S., Bosowski, S., Schwarzbauer, J. (2015). Identification of characteristic organic contaminants in wastewaters from modern paper production sites and subsequent tracing in a river. Hazard Mat 300, 254-262
  • Geršlova, E., Schwarzbauer, J. (2014): Hydrocarbon based indicators for characterizing potential sources of coal derived pollution in the vicinity of the Ostrava city. Environ Earth Sci 71, 3211-3222
  • Schwarzbauer, J., Meier, R., Littke, R., Strauss, H. (2013): Stable carbon isotope ratios of aliphatic biomarkers in Late Palaeozoic coals, Int J Coal Geol 107, 127-140
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