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Vanderborght, Jan

Prof. Dr., Institute of Bio- and Geosciences IBG-3 Agrosphere, Forschungszentrum Jülich


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institute of Bio- and Geosciences
IBG-3 Agrosphere
52428 Jülich


Fon: +49 2461 61 2281

Research topics

  • Soil physics: solute (salts, pesticides) transport, water and heat flow in unsaturated porous media
  • Land surface processes: evaporation, plant transpiration
  • Root zone processes: water and nutrient uptake by plant roots
  • Groundwater hydrology: flow and transport in aquifers
  • Numerical simulation: simulation models, inverse modelling, stochastic analyses

Resources and technologies

  • Hydrogeophysics: electrical resistivity tomography
  • Remote sensing: L-band radiometry, IR thermography
  • Field scale monitoring of root zone processes: soil physical methods (TDR, tensiometers,…), rhizotubes
  • Lab-scale non invasive methods: X-ray tomography, MRI


  • Vanderborght, J., and H. Vereecken (2007): Review of dispersivities for transport modeling in soils, Vadose Zone J., 6(1), 29-52
  • Vanderborght, J., A. Kemna, H. Hardelauf, and H. Vereecken (2005): Potential of electrical resistivity tomography to infer aquifer transport characteristics from tracer studies: A synthetic case study, Water Resour. Res., 41(6)
  • Vanderborght, J., J. A. Huisman, J. van der Kruk, and H. Vereecken (2013): Geophysical methods for field-scale imaging of root zone properties and processes, in Soil–water–root processes: Advances in tomography and imaging, edited by S. H. Anderson and J. W. Hopmans, pp. 247-281, SSSA, Madison, WI 53711, USA
  • Dimitrov, M., J. Vanderborght, K. G. Kostov, B. Debecker, P. S. Lammers, L. Damerow, and H. Vereecken (2015): Soil hydraulic parameters of bare soil plots with different soil structure inversely derived from l-band brightness temperatures, Vadose Zone J., 14(8)
  • Javaux, M., V. Couvreur, J. Vanderborght, and H. Vereecken (2013): Root water uptake: From three-dimensional biophysical processes to macroscopic modeling approaches, Vadose Zone J., 12(4)
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