Greece Excursion 2023

This year's excursion of the Geoverbund ABC/J to Greece took place from 9 to 24 September 2023. A total of 22 students from various geoscientific courses at the University of Cologne, the University of Bonn and RWTH Aachen took part in the interdisciplinary excursion.

The different levels of knowledge of the students enabled them to gain different perspectives on the field of research. The excursion was led by Dr. Konstantin Ntageretzis and Prof. Dr. Frank Wendland from the Institute of Biosciences and Geosciences - Agrosphere at Forschungszentrum Jülich and the coordination office of the ABC/J geo network. The group was also accompanied by experts Dr Chrysanthi Kallini and Prof Ioannis Papanikolaou.

The main research topic of this excursion was landscape development in Central and Eastern Greece, taking into account geoscientific, geoarchaeological and cultural-historical aspects.

The excursion covered a total of four areas, passing through the regions of Attica, Thessaly and Macedonia. Due to the devastating storm and the resulting flooding, the region around Skiti had to be bypassed, which gave the group the opportunity to spend two days on the island of Thassos. The research areas included:

A. Athens, the island of Salamina, the Perahora Peninsula and the Corinth Canal.
B. Thermopylae, the Meteora Rocks and Byzantine monastic sites.
C. The island of Thassos with a focus on coastal geomorphology and a historic marble quarry.
D. The Rhodope Mountains, the Neogene basin of Philippi, the old town of Kavala and hydrothermal waters.

Detailed reports and impressions were captured on the Geoverbund's Instagram account during the field trip.

Report: Meike Eschweiler, RWTH Aachen.

Last Modified: 07.05.2024