Our Offer for Schools

The Geoverbund ABC/J offers interested school classes and study groups the opportunity to visit the sites and ABC/J competence centres of the research region at regular intervals.

Why is it worth visiting us?

Angebote für Schulen
  1. Geosciences affect our daily lives in many ways. From predicting natural disasters to protecting natural resources to solving environmental problems, these are real challenges.

2. The field of human geography, for example, is interdisciplinary. Here, an understanding of diversity emerges that can contribute to solving current societal problems.

3. Furthermore, the geosciences open doors to unknown worlds, be it fascinating rock formations, impressive volcanoes or hidden marine worlds.

4. Modern technologies such as satellite imagery, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and 3D modelling have revolutionised earth sciences. Pupils have the opportunity to explore these technologies and understand their application in different fields.

Unser Angebot für Schule

5. Earth sciences touch many other disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. This fosters interdisciplinary thinking and opens up a wide range of career opportunities for students.

6. They help reconstruct the history of our planet. Dinosaurs, prehistoric landscapes and the evolution of the Earth over time fascinate young people and stimulate their imagination.

7. Earth sciences play a crucial role in addressing future challenges such as climate change, protecting endangered ecosystems and dealing with natural hazards. Students can learn how to actively contribute to solutions.

8. With a teacher training degree in geography, one also gets the opportunity to sensitise future generations to the importance of geography in a globalised world.

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