Across disciplinary boundaries, we develop options for action to deal with the challenges of our time.

Interdisciplinary research for urgent future questions

In researching the complex system Earth and its interactions with humans, we rely on a holistic approach that combines various disciplines. We want not only to understand how changes occur, but also to find solutions on how to actively confront them and adapt to new circumstances.

As a geoscientific network, the Geoverbund ABC/J covers the entire spectrum of earth system sciences in the research region Aachen-Bonn-Cologne-Jülich. By bundling our forces, our expertise and our infrastructures, we enable interdisciplinary and open-topic research. In doing so, solutions for urgent questions of the future are at the center of our commitment in order to positively shape the world of tomorrow.

In order to find answers to these future questions, the ABC/J geo network focuses on the following strategic research topics with regard to system understanding and application relevance:

Evolution of the Earth and Life

This theme brings together research on the evolution of the Earth and life as a function of geological processes.

The object of research are processes of very different temporal and spatial scales. They include both very slowly occurring events (e.g. tectonics) and rarely occurring events (e.g. superplumes).

The study of the geological past can provide clues as to how geobiosystems respond to crises, e.g. climate change. The documentation, analysis and modelling of environmental conditions in the past and their projection into the present form the scientific basis for answering questions about the future.

Dynamics and processes of the Earth system in global change
Sustainable use and conservation of geo-resources / Exploration and sustainable use of geo-resources
Geohazards, vulnerability and resilience
Methods and instrumental platforms

The respective profile of the institutes in the Geoverbund ABC/J determines the priority with which they participate in the work on the key topics. The Geoverbund ABC/J enables a close interlocking of site-specific competences and the joint use of the unique infrastructure.

Last Modified: 21.11.2023