MINT-AG visits Geoverbund ABC/J

How do you measure humidity? How can you determine the temperature at an altitude of 5 km from the ground? And what is a cloud anyway? These and many other questions of the MINT-AG of the Maria-Sibylla-Merian-Gymnasium in Krefeld were answered on 19 April 2023 by researchers of the @uni_koeln and @forschungszentrum_juelich

It all started at the meteorological measuring station on the grounds of the Cologne @unisport_koeln : Many relevant weather, climate and environmental parameters are determined here.

The MINT-AG from the Maria-Sibylla-Merian-Gymnasium in Krefeld then took to the skies at the Jülich Research Centre:

When the weather balloon was launched - thanks to the demonstration effect! - the question was already answered as to whether it could burst BEFORE the launch. Answer: Yes 😉 On the roof of the institute, the students then visited the JOYCE platform with many instruments for cloud and precipitation observation. At the IAGOS project, they learned how valuable weather and climate data can be measured for global observation even with the help of normal commercial aircraft.

Just in time for the end of the excursion, the weather balloon also completed its journey - until its descent over the Ardennes, the Krefeld pupils were able to read out all the data on temperature, humidity and wind direction.

Last Modified: 07.05.2024