Physics EC from Aachen wins meteorology excursion

Physik-EK aus Aachen gewinnt Meteorologie-Exkursion

A physics class at the Aachen-Brand comprehensive school successfully carried out a total of 24 experiments and won the "Physics in Advent" prize sponsored by the ABC/J Geoverbund.

Yesterday, the 27 Year 9 pupils and their teacher Dominik Scheen first visited the meteorology and geophysics weather station at the University of Cologne. Numerous weather, climate and environmental parameters are measured here on the grounds of the Cologne University Sports Centre. To find out even more about the current weather situation, the pupils launched a weather balloon together.

Physik-EK aus Aachen gewinnt Meteorologie-Exkursion

After the trip to the Jülich Research Centre and refreshments at the Seecasino, the journey continued at IEK-8: On the roof of the institute, the students visited the JOYCE platform with many instruments for cloud and precipitation observation and learned how to measure valuable weather and climate data for global observation with normal commercial aircraft at the IAGOS project.

Finally, the students were also able to read out the data from the weather balloon that had made it to the Westerwald. Many thanks for the very nice visit and maybe we'll see one or two of them again - meteorology offers exciting and varied career prospects!

Last Modified: 07.05.2024